Measuring Success

  • In TEAK's six classes of college graduates, Alumni pursuits include a Fulbright Scholarship, finance, law, AmeriCorps service, teaching, a PhD program in biochemistry, engineering, medicine, and journalism.

  • 78% of TEAK Alumni have graduated from college in 4 years and 88% in 6 years, far surpassing the national 4- and 6-year averages of 33% and 49%, respectively, for all college students and 29% and 44%, respectively for minority college students.

  • 100% of active Fellows (ten classes) graduated from high school and were accepted at one or more colleges and universities. 

  • 100% of Fellows matriculated to 4-year colleges - including 89% of whom entered top tier schools, including 26% to the Ivy League.

  • 100% of active Fellows (fourteen classes) earned admission to one or more academically selective high schools. 

  • TEAK Fellows have collectively earned $38 million in financial aid for high school, representing 96% of their total tuition, and $31 million in financial aid for college.  

  • Through the Private Enterprise Internship and Public Interest Internship programs, TEAK Fellows have completed over 650 internships in industries including law, business, finance, education, and the arts.

  • TEAK has connected over 150 Fellows to summer enrichment opportunities including studying abroad, Outward Bound & National Outdoor Leadership School trips, and pre-collegiate academic programs.

  • TEAK earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the evaluation site’s highest ranking for financial management.