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Impact and Legacy

When you support TEAK, you aren’t just helping our students succeed in high school and college – you are making a lasting impact in their lives and supporting them as they embark on future academic and professional tracks.

TEAK’s 180 Alumni are an impressive bunch:

  • In TEAK's six classes of college graduates, Alumni pursuits include a Fulbright Scholarship, finance, law, AmeriCorps service, teaching, a PhD program in biochemistry, engineering, medicine, and journalism.
  • 78% of Alumni have graduated from college in 4 years and 88% in 6 years, far surpassing the national 4- and 6-year averages of 33% and 49%, respectively, for all college students and 29% and 44%, respectively for minority college students.
  • Since TEAK began an Alumni Giving Campaign in 2004, an average of 70% of graduates annually choose to give back to TEAK with a financial contribution or a gift of service.
  • 6 Alumni have made 5-year commitments as Mentors to younger Fellows.
  • 35% report having worked in education/education policy since college graduation.

Your Support Matters

TEAK is wholly privately funded by generous contributions like yours. Your donation helps support every facet of the program and is vital to the success of the organization. All contributions, no matter the size, make a difference.

How is Your Contribution Allocated?

  • 86% of expenses go directly to programming.
  • Only 8% of our budget is allocated to management and administration.
  • Fundraising costs account for 6% of expenses.

TEAK earned a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator, the non-profit evaluation site's highest ranking for financial management.